This is from the transcript of the hearing on Tiffany's protection from abuse petition, August 10, 2010. Recall Tiffany reported to police, the day before, Gordon Smith violated ex-parte PFA at 1PM. After Trooper Miller called her, post Gordon's arrest, after the Taco Bell receipt was produced, while Gordon was awaiting video arraignment she went to 12:45-1PM. Note line 3 "blue shirt" in fact he wore a green shirt that day and that is on record in the booking photos. Line 15-18 the time is 12:40-12:45ish and she references that the Trooper (Miller) told her Gordon turned himself in between 1 & 2. (It was about 1:15) Later Gibson testified and the receipt from Taco Bell, time stamped 12:41 was entered into evidence. Tiffany knew her story was blown, for the criminal complaint, but the next month prevailed in family court (transcript 2) by changing the time to 11:45-12:45 (felony perjury) This and the subsequent investigation, when Fausey verified by viewing  the Taco Bell video proved Gordon was not at her house as alleged in the criminal complaint and proved Tiffany knowingly filed a false police report. She committed perjury repeating the falsehoods under oath in this hearing. Her sister, Morgan Evans and Bill Merson corroborated the lies. They should all be charged for the crimes against Gordon Smith. Tiffany has repeatedly gotten away with false reports and perjury. Her false allegations have been rewarded with the desired results; PFAs against and arrests of Gordon Smith.   

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