Line 1 Transcript of August 10, 2010 protection from abuse hearing. Tiffany Smith testifies under oath that the note says "I will kill you and MY boys." At this time, Aug 10 she knew that the protection order was served on Gordon in GA. She knew that the police did not consider him a suspect and had not arrested him or it or applied for a warrant on it. I don't know if they told her why, or how they knew he was in GA at the time the note was delivered; you would have to ask the Delaware State Police.  

State Police never asked Gordon Smith for DNA evidence or a handwriting sample. Refer back to the Attempted frame-up page. This is perjury. 

Disclaimer; this official court transcript is not intended for inappropriate purposes. It is intended to show evidence of the crime of perjury and/or false report to the police. It is published without consent of the transcript owner. 

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