To summarize the pages to this point regarding the alleged incident of Aug 9, 2010: (Redactions, the blacked out names etc., were done by Delaware State Police or Department of Justice with the exception of Gordon's SSN and personal information that they left and I redacted)

I have been told by readers to simplify this page and it has thus been edited so it is very easy for everyone to be able to understand.

1) on August 9, 2010, Tiffany Smith called Delaware State Police, Troop 3  at 1:02 PM on August 9. This is on Investigation of complaint of false report, page 7, paragraph 6.

2)  Tiffany told State Police that the crime had just happened and that is reflected in Delaware State Police Exhibit B 

3) After Gordon Smith was arrested and produced proof for the DSP, of where he was, miles away, not committing the crime as reported, the Delaware State Police thoughtfully called Tiffany Smith and allowed her to change the time to 12:45-1PM. That still didn't jive with his proof of being in Camden Delaware at 12:41. Page original text of witness complaint.
That doesn't jive with her call to DSP Troop 3 to report the incident just occurred that she made at 1:02 PM

4) Receipts produced to DSP from Taco Bell, in Camden, DE showing 12:41. Page request for justice. Verification from DSP Detective Fausey that video from Taco Bell showed Gordon Smith was in Camden from 12:39 to 1:03 PM. Page investigation false report page 2.
Gordon was absolutely proven to be in Camden Delaware almost 30 minutes from Hartly location of alleged crime, by that video. Tiffany reported to DSP that she had just seen him at the Hartly location at 1 PM, when she called them at 1:02 PM then changed it to 12:45- 1PM. It is impossible for him to be in Camden (proven) and Hartly (reported to police) at the same time. 

 Recap of 1-4:
 At 1:02 Tiffany makes report to Troop 3 that crime just occurred. Gordon was 13.9 miles/28min (per Google maps) away at that time, confirmed on video surveillance. 
That is knowingly making a false report to the police.

How's that for simple folks?

Tiffany Smith made a false report to the Delaware State Police.
Tiffany Smith, her sister Morgan Evans and boyfriend Bill Merson lied to DSP Detective Fausey in the course of his investigation on the false report. Tiffany, Morgan and Bill also committed felony perjury in Kent Family Court regarding the false allegation. 

IF Gordon ate lunch at home that day and could not PROVE he wasn't at Tiffany's residence in Hartly, it would have been his word and the word of his friend Catherine Gibson against Tiffany and two other liars. He would likely have been convicted or advised by the Public Pretender to take a plea and admit guilt for something he was innocent was as he was advised before.  He could have gone to prison (Vaughn) for a crime that he was innocent of. 

Doesn't anyone in the Delaware Department of Justice care about that?? Apparently DAG Chris Parker didn't and The DOJ doesn't because Tiffany (or Morgan or Bill) have yet to be arrested for those crimes. 

Readers contact the Delaware AG's office and DEMAND JUSTICE for these crimes. 302 577-8500. 

For the long more detailed and not as simple version read below but the simplified version is not only probable cause it is absolute proof on it's own.  

1) page: Exhibit B: Time of offense between 1300 and 1300 on August 9, 2010. Later investigation by Delaware State Police Detective Fausey (investigative report page 7) Tiffany missed call from Bill (he was at her house) at 12:40 and at 12:58 had incoming call from home and called back at 1 PM then called Troop 3 at 1:02. She was not at her house when she alleged 
crime occurred at 1 PM. 

 2) page: Original text of complaint/Witness statement: Line 11-13: On 080910 ....... Gordon Smith drove up to the residence at approximately 1PM. On the bottom of the page, after Gordon was arrested the Trooper (Miller) writes that he contacted Tiffany and she talked to her father and determined it was between 12:45 and 1PM. 

    Verbally Gordon had told me, calling from what they refer to as the interview room, and told me the allegation was 1PM and that I drove him to where he had been closer than 100 yards from his children. His children attended Day Care in Symrna, DE, it was later we learned that the location that was alleged was Hartly. We never did find out if the children were are the house as alleged. We weren't and Tiffany wasn't . 
I produced a receipt showing, that earlier that day, we were at Taco Bell and had a receipt, after ordering, time stamped and signed at 12:41PM. See the pages of the report dated August 30 by Detective Fausey and page titled request for justice with copies of receipts. 
3) page: Investigation false report page 2: DSP Fausey acknowledges that he has that receipt in paragraph 3.
4) same page: (Investigation false report page 2): paragraph four, Fausey writes that we entered Taco Bell at "12:39 PM actual time" and left at "1:03 PM actual time"
5) page: Investigation false report page 3: paragraph two concerning when Gordon went to DSP "At 13:09 hours ------- (redacted) enter Troop 3 lobby"
6) page Investigation false report page 5: paragraph 1 Fausey writes that he traveled the distance between the location of the alleged crime and Taco Bell and found it to be 20 minutes. Google map has it as 28 minutes/13.9 miles. Check for yourself. 
7) same page (Investigation false report page 5): paragraph two Fausey writes that Tiffany called police (Kentcom/911) at 13:15 to report the crime and then again subsequently. She had first called Troop 3 (on her speed dial as "dial a warrant", lol) at 1:02 PM and been on that call 11 minutes. 

8) page: Investigation false report page 6: Now Tiffany is stating that she went to Food Lion immediately following the incident and called Police from there at the Food Lion parking lot. According to Google maps it is 17 minutes and 8.4 miles from 2970 Judith Rd in Hartly to Food Lion on Rt. 8/Forrest Ave. Dover. On page 7 Fausey looks at her phone records and sees that (paragraph 3) ---redated (bf Bill) called at 11:45 to advise he was at her house, at 12:40 she missed a call from him (paragraph 4) and paragraph 5 a call at 12:58 from home from her father (per report call from home) telling her to call the police. This means that if Tiffany had been at her house in Hartly, before going to Food Lion, she left Judith Rd. at 12:45. However, at 12:40 she missed a call from him per the above. This establishes that at 12:40 she was not at the house. In the original call to make a police report, at 1:02 to Troop 3, she claimed the incident had just occurred and after Gordon was arrested the alleged offense was 12:45-1 PM. She was not at the house at 12:45-1PM per this report. Tiffany knowingly made a false report to the police. 

9) page: Investigation false report page 8: paragraph 5 Witness, her then boyfriend, now has time at 12:30. (Still covered by Taco Bell receipts and video)  
10) page: Request for Justice: copies of the life saving receipts. Without the receipts at the time of arrest it could have been another $1,000 cash bond (after 9 PM) and Gordon could have gone to prison until bail could be made. Without the receipts and video from Taco Bell, with Tiffany, her sister and her boyfriend swearing against him, he surely would have been convicted or had to take a plea of guilty for a crime that he was innocent of. This is a travesty that they allow her to make false reports without arresting her. She will not stop until she gets him where he can't prove he's innocent if the police and DOJ don't take action to hold her accountable. She says something it's probable cause. He has video evidence and physical proof it's not enough. Injustice in Delaware.

* Original complaint time: 1:00PM. Post arrest when Trooper Miller calls alerting her to issue with time it changes to between 12:45 and 1. At court, August 10. it goes to 12:30-12:40 by Tiffany and her witnesses who are swearing that they saw us there. The following month in court it goes to 11:45. Recall that in the investigation by Detective Fausey Tiffany's phone records show she missed a call from boyfriend who was at her house at 11:45. In September, well after she has seen the receipts entered into court evidence and knows that her timeline is blown Tiffany testifies that the time was "between 11:45 and 12:45" that she saw Gordon at the house. (Sept 7 page 21 line 23 of transcript which is page "transcript 2") 

DAG Chris Parker was provided physical evidence, on August 19, that showed Gordon logged on to his email at about ten to 11 that morning and he did email while Catherine Gibson got ready to go out. Parker was also given proof of video that was recorded on the front lawn in Felton from about 11:20 until after 11:30 and again at Troop 3, prior to Gordon entering the building at about 1:15. After filming video, at the house Gordon and I went to Dover (385 W North St. Dover, 10.2miles/19 minutes) where he went in to BesTemps. Drove over to 315 S. State St  and from there we went to the WalMart Shopping Center and to Taco Bell. Then to Troop 3. (Where at Troop 3 he continued the video recording, begun at the house, before going in.) 

The DSP even investigated where Gordon was after leaving Troop 3 (Royal Farms and Family Court) even though the initial call from Tiffany to Troop 3 was 1:02 PM and lasted 11 minutes followed by a call to Kentcom at 1:15. Appears that they wanted to nail him for Breach of Release even if it wasn't the original complaint. Fortunately, he had physical evidence covering him from before 11 AM until about 4 PM.  

People have asked me if I'm afraid of being sued for slander. The answer is NO. Truth is an affirmative defense for slander and libel. The documents published here and physical evidence support the claims of filing false reports and perjury. Just the contradictions in the court documents and testimony (remember 11DE1225) show perjury. In fact for the lies about me that I read about me in the transcripts that are not posted because this is not about me (also false reports to police about me) I can sue her for defamation per se. Readers you decide for yourself. 

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