Major Mcqueen,

I now have irrefutable physical evidence that on 8/9/10 my ex-wife filed a false police report and committed perjury yesterday at the PFA hearing.

This is but her latest attempt to utterly destroy me by utilizing Family Court and the Delaware State Police resources and policies.

I have provided the scanned statement of the restaurant employee, a statement from another witness and a the receipt of the meal that we had at the time of the false allegation.

I sincerely request that you delegate an officer to view the video at the restaurant and to document what he sees on the tape pertaining to the video record of my visit there to further confirm that she completely fabricated her allegations . I do not know how long that Taco Bell retains their surveillance tapes or if they are reused so time is of the essence.

After finishing our meal, we went straight to Troop 3 where I took care of the situation that I had earlier touched bases with you about.

With this irrefutable evidence (attached) that she fabricated the whole event, I am formally requesting that charges be brought against her.


At the time of the false arrest, on August 9, 2010, Catherine Gibson was with him. When Gordon called her from the back room of DSP Troop 3 and told her that he had been arrested and they had been accused of being at Tiffany's (the evil ex) house that day (he was told that he was there at 12:40, which was the time that he relayed to Catherine although on the official documents the time was listed as 13:00 hours) she promptly produced a receipt that showed at 12:41 she was at Taco Bell in Camden Delaware. She asked Corporal Mineer "when is this woman going to be arrested for filing a false report?" Catherine subsequently called and emailed DSP and the Delaware Department of Justice. There was a post arrest investigation by the dv Detective (Fausey; see documents) that showed that Gordon was not at Tiffany's house, as alleged and neither was Tiffany per her phone log at 12:40. We never found out if the boys were at the house or at day care where they attended and were supposed to be that day.  The Taco Bell had video surveilence and the dv Detective saw that Gordon was in Taco Bell and that confirmation is in the report. Catherine continued to complain that Tiffany was not being arrested for a false complaint and the Detective and various members of Troop 3 retaliated against her. To this day Tiffany has not been arrested for this false complaint. She has now made the ninth (update on August 18th her TENTH) false complaint with no end in sight if she is not held accountable, arrested and prosecuted.  

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