I do not know when this report was written. When Gordon was released DSP refused to provide him with a copy of the paperwork as they had done for the arrest earlier in the day and previously. This was received the next day. 

Note that post arrest of Mr. Smith but prior to the video arraignment, after Mrs. Gibson produced the receipts from Taco Bell, DSP Miller states in writing that he contacted Tiffany Smith and she then stated the time as 12:45 not 1PM as in the original complaint. Other noteworthy points: (besides the fact that Gordon and Catherine Gibson were a half hour drive away at Taco Bell) 1) Mrs. Gibson's car is silver and a Buick not a gold Ford Taurus 2)  The DSP never called Gordon to question him as Miller stated in the sworn report. 3) Mrs. Gibson had hired a person to serve a subpoena on Tiffany's grandparents to testify at the PFA hearing scheduled the next day and that service was attempted after dinner on August 9. Tiffany's parents and Tiffany chased the woman down their driveway and Tiffany threatened the woman with a taser. When Mrs. Gibson drove up on the road to pick up the process server Tiffany threatened her (Gibson) with the taser. That is the incident that precipitated Mrs. Gibson going to DSP to file a report and have Tiffany arrested. Gordon accompanied her and that is when he was arrested on this false charge. Tiffany was never charged with threatening the process server or Catherine Gibson with a taser.

On the document on this page: At the bottom of the witness statement, after being contacted by Trooper Miller following Gordon's arrest the time of the crime migrated back to 12:45. Still covered by Taco Bell.

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