Contradictions on log that showed Tiffany was receiving calls from the house. She had reported that she was at the house which is material to the complaint of the charge of violation of a protection from abuse order. Not only were Gordon and Catherine not there as she (and her sister Morgan and her then boyfriend) alleged; she wasn't there either. Paragraph three (missed calls are incoming, duh) 11:45 Bill calling Tiffany from house to tell her he was there. Then she wasn't there was she? Paragraph four: another missed call from Bill at 12:40 Bill was at the house so where was Tiffany? Paragraph six Tiffany calls in report at 1:02 PM and reports that it happened at 1 PM (see DSP exhibit) Talks 11 minutes to DSP Troopers and then calls Kentcom to report it to 911. She's at Food Lion on Rt. 8 when she places these calls. 

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