Now weeks later, the vehicle is gray (not a gold Ford)  and the time is "a little before 12:30" (Twenty-eight minutes from Tiffany's house to Taco Bell according to Google maps so that lie doesn't cut it either but obviously Tiffany, bf and sister were working on their stories). Gordon's shirt was in the report as blue and it had already been established he was wearing a green shirt all day (seen in both booking photos) but guess Morgan didn't get the memo. These reports show the complaint on August 9 at about 1 o'clock to police and thereafter that day were knowingly false. Further Tiffany was not alone in her efforts to frame Gordon Smith. That is conspiracy to commit a crime. No one has been arrested. (oh except Mr. Smith who was arrested twice on August 9 and then on a false report, where he can't prove he was innocent of stalking on August 13. The civil contempt on the stalking didn't even meet the preponderance of evidence standard in family court and that civil contempt of a PFA failed). On the charge of being at Tiffany's house at 1/12:45/12:30/ a little before 12:30 not only did the DSP not arrest Tiffany for the obvious false report but the Department of Justice, having been show the evidence of a false report did not drop the charges until months later just before trial. Gordon was 'represented' to the minimally legally acceptable standard by the Office of the Public Defender who lets things drag on, having charges over your head, barring employment for Gordon in his field. The DOJ (aka AG's office) hope that they can wear you down, beat you down and get you to plea to something even though you're innocent. As Gordon said in the Delaware State News op ed piece, July, 2012 it's not about justice. 

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