Catherine and Gordon had already seen the bias of the Delaware State Police in favor of the poor alleged victim Tiffany Smith. They took a video camera with them and having it in a bag recorded the audio of the interviews that they knew Fausey was recording although he did not tell them they were being recorded. Catherine was not forthcoming with Fausey and Gordon and Catherine felt that the more time frame that they gave Fausey evidence for that exculpated Gordon the further back he would tell Tiffany to put the time of the alleged crime. Catherine told Fausey that she would provide any further evidence to the Department of Justice directly. On August 9, after 11:30 when Gordon was filmed for YouTube at the house in Felton, Catherine drove Gordon to BesTemps employment agency in Dover, Delaware where he went in and told them to put him back on the list for temporary employment. They then drove down State Street to Access employment but they were closed for lunch. They went to one of the dollar store in the Wal-Mart center in Camden and after that they went to Taco Bell. 

Statement witness 07 paragraph two: Witness was at Tiffany's at 12:30 only a few minutes before he saw Gordon. What happened to the phone call that he was there (and she wasn't) at 11:45 per the phone log? When people cook up a story to report to the police that is conspiracy.  

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