On August 10, 2012, the day after the false report to the police Tiffany Smith was in Kent County Family Court where she stuck to the time frame of her allegation  (the transcripts will be scanned shortly to show the perjury) At that hearing the receipts were produced that showed Gordon was at Taco Bell. Tiffany was now aware that her original false report/allegation would not fly. She changed the time frame by an hour for the next hearing in family court, Sept 7. On August 19, Gordon provided Deputy AG Chris Parker with a DVD that showed a mirror image of Mrs. Gibson's computer that showed he logged onto his email and was on the computer, at the house in Felton, DE from 10:50 AM until about 11:15. At about 11:30 Gordon was filmed by Catherine on the front lawn shooting footage for YouTube regarding the fact that he was going to go to Troop 3 to be served the warrant (on the false report of harassment by phone, charge number three which he does not have evidence to prove was false. For that warrant the DSP obviously did not look at the complainant's phone log because she had no record of "numerous calls and text messages" because they simply did not exist) At DSP Troop 3 when Gordon was going in, after eating lunch at Taco Bell, he was also filmed by Catherine. Troop 3 has video surveillance.The DSP video did record that he was at Troop 3 at about 1:15 PM on August 9.  

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