July  15, 2010 Gordon left for GA. On the 16th he got a call from Delaware State Police that they had a warrant for his arrest for phone harassment. He told them that he was on his way to GA and would go to Troop 3 after he returned to Delaware. The warrant was put in the active file according to papers from DSP. 

On July 22  Gordon left Calhoun, GA and rode with two others to the Family Preservation Festival in DC. He was dropped off late that night in Manassas, VA where he was staying. FLAIR paid for his trip and he picked up a moneygram in GA prior to embarking on his journey for which he had to produce identification. He also has witnesses. The man that drove, the other passenger, the woman whose house we stayed at that helped me arrange the ride north are all witnesses. 

On July 23 Gordon got an email from Tiffany telling him that someone threatened her and the boys. He was with Donald Tenn, President of F4J USA, several members of the board of F4J and other members of FLAIR. The email did not mention a PFA or implicate him. He was upset to learn that allegedly someone had made threats. 

On about July 27, Gordon was called by a Family Court administrator and told that there was an ex-parte PFA against him, the first he knew of a PFA. He was subsequently served in GA. 

August 9, 2010 Tiffany makes the false report of Gordon and I being at her house at 12:45 (according to the documents on this site she called Troop 3 at 1:02PM shortly after the alleged incident) She also went to family court and submitted the document below which is notarized (sworn) in the lower left side. 

August 10, 2010 PFA hearing page 11 Tiffany Smith testifies under oath in a hearing before Commissioner Lester Blades that "on July 22 I called Trooper Mischa (ph) out to my house." "And the letter said, "Bitch, you filed a PFA" where it had an arrow," (continued on page 12) "mark. And on the back of it, it said, I will fucking kill you and my boys".  (note that in the document she filed the day before, shown below, it was "the boys" but the intent to frame Gordon for the letter was obvious from the beginning)

It would be obvious to an idiot that "someone" was trying to frame Gordon Smith  for writing a threatening letter, to get him arrested, to use for a protection order, to get him incarcerated. The Delaware State Police can not all be idiots. It's probable that they recognized it was an attempt to frame Gordon Smith for a crime. It is a false report because the letter didn't come from him as it was meant to look and as she wrote in the note below, to the Family Court Commissioner and testified in court, as if Gordon Smith the respondent of the PFA wrote the threatening letter.  It is a crime to fabricate evidence, it is a crime to file false reports to police, it is a crime to conspire to commit criminal acts such as fabricating evidence or filing false reports and it is a crime to swear falsely and when the false statement consists of testimony and is material to the action, proceeding or matter in which it is made it is a Class D Felony. The Delaware State Police and the Attorney General's Office of the State of Delaware don't care that Tiffany Smith committed any of these crimes.  

 From: James.Paige@state.de.us

To: gordonsmith67@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Request for terroristic letter investigation ignored?
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 14:08:13 +0000

Mr. Smith;


This email is in response to your “Formal Request for Investigation” e-mail correspondence from March 19, 2012. Your email requested information regarding a terroristic threatening investigation conducted by the Delaware State Police, Troop 3 on July 22, 2010, complaint # 03-10-22983.


While we are limited in disclosing to you various aspects of this investigation to which you are not a victim, we can share the following. Cpl/3 Bishop was the original investigating officer and it was determined that an unknown suspect had left a threatening note at the victim’s residence. You sir are not listed as a suspect in this investigation, nor were you ever implicated as the note writer by the investigator.  The Evidence Detection Unit processed the note for evidence and observed several partial latent fingerprints of possible value. These prints were forwarded to the State Bureau of Identification (SBI) for review.


Det. Fausey assisted with the investigation in a follow-up capacity and confirmed with technicians at SBI that the submitted evidence was of no value and no comparisons were possible. No further leads were developed and this case remains unsolved.


Unfortunately we do not know who authored the note in question.  As the investigating agency, we must investigate the threat made by the suspect. It is your belief that someone authored this note to implicate you as a suspect.  Without  a suspect, this incident can't be classified as a false report. 


Any concerns you may have regarding information provided by a petitioner to obtain a Protection from Abuse order or statements made to Family Court Commissioners are issues you will need to discuss directly with the court.


It is our hope that this correspondence addresses your concerns related to the investigation of this matter. 




Lieutenant Colonel James Paige

Delaware State Police Headquarters
PO Box 430 Dover, DE 19903

(: Office: 302.739.5911



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